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Progesterone is known primarily for its role in fertility and pregnancy.  Progesterone has many more effects on the processes of the body.  Many doctors prescribe pseudo progesterones called Progestins.  These synthetic hormones are found in many conventional HRT treatments, in most birth control pills and many inter-uterine devices (IUDs).  Unfortunately, the names may sound similar but they are very, very different in their effects.  Bioidentical progesterone, identical in chemical composition to what your body makes, has many effectson the body as a whole.  It is often referred to as the calming hormone because of its powerful neuroendocrine effects. It is often out of balance in people who have imsomnia, anxiety and excess androgens such as testosterone.


Functions of Progesterone:Progesterone Therapy

* Helps regulate menstrual cycle

* Helps with fertility and to  maintain pregnancy

* Helps with sleep regulation and insomnia

* Has calming effect on nervous system

* It helps with temperature regulation especially during ovulation

* It reduces muscle spasms and helps with relaxation

* It has anti-inflammatory effects on the body

* Helps balance estrogen and excess androgens

* It normalizes blood clotting

* It helps reduce effects of traumatic brain injuries

* May decrease risk of certain cancers

* It helps with insulin release and pancreatic function

* Can help lower blood pressure

* Helps the gall bladder function and helps the body eliminate fats

* Helps lower cholesterol

* May help with hair loss in women

* Helps stimulate new bone production

* Enhances effects of thyroid hormone

* Improves libido

 Symptoms of low progesterone:

* Increased anxiety

* Increased depression

* Irritability and mood swings

* Insomnia or difficulty with falling asleep

* Body pains and myalgias

* Increased inflammation throughout the body

* Increased bone loss

* Longer and more erractic periods

* Nervousness

* Increased migraine headaches

* Weight gain

* Decreased libido

* Decreased HDL (“good”) cholesterol

Symptoms Seen with Synthetic Progesterones (Progestins):

* Increased appetite

*Weight gain

*Fluid retention




*Decreased energy


*Breast Tenderness

*Low libido


*Hair loss



*Increased LDL (“bad”) cholseterol and decreased HDL (“good”) cholesterol

*May not be as protective of breast tissue

*May counteract estrogens positive effects on neurotransmitters

* Decreases normal producion of natural progesterones

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