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Preparation for Scan

Please read this before coming to your appointment for Breast or Medical Thermography at Oregon Natural Medicine, located in NE Portland (Hollywood District).

Preparation for Screening is of utmost importance. Because Medical Thermal Imaging utilizes the technology of a heat sensitive digital camera it is essential that accurate results be obtained without contamination of artifacts. Artifacts are anything unnatural that would not constitute normal human physiology.
The following are recommended guide lines for accurate Medical Infrared Thermal Imaging.

Thermography of Fibrocystic Breasts


3 month prior to your Infrared imaging

No major breast surgery
No chemotherapy or radiation
Stop lactation and breast feeding
1 month prior to image
No minor breast surgery, i.e. breast biopsy
1 week prior to image

Avoid tanning or sunburn
24 hours prior to image

Avoid exercise, massage, or chiropractic adjustment
Refrain from steam room, sauna, hot or cold packs
Avoid hot tub; sitting, bathing
Reschedule if you are sick with fever
Day of the image

Do not shave underarms
Avoid the use of deodorants or creams in the area to be imaged
2 Hours prior to image

Refrain from tobacco or coffee
Avoid hot or cold liquids
Refrain from exercise, bathing, showering,

Avoid eating or chewing gum if you are scheduled for head and neck scan
Avoid sitting directly in front of auto air conditioner when driving to appointment

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