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Cost for Thermography

Thermography (aka Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging) is generally not covered by most insurance companies; therefore we do require payment in full at the time of service. We will gladly provide you with a receipt to self-submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.


To schedule your Medical or Breast Thermogram, please contact our office at 503-946-8700 or schedule online Schedule online now
. The imaging is done at Oregon Natural Medicine NE Portland (Hollywood District).


The prices listed below include the Medical Infrared Thermal Imaging for the regions listed and the Medical Interpretation (Report), which will be mailed to your doctor 7-10 days after your visit. If you are referring yourself for the thermogram, we will either mail you the report or you may choose to have a follow-up appointment in-office or via phone to discuss your findings.


Breast Thermography:

Thermal Imaging of Both Breasts (anterior, lateral, and oblique views)

Women’s Health Screening:

Thermal Imaging of Breast, Head (including temporal arteries, dental, and jaw/TMJ screening), neck (including thyroid, carotid arteries, cervical lymph chain), posterior neck, and upper back

Women’s Health Screening PLUS:

Includes all images in Women’s Health Screening PLUS abdomen, mid-back (thoracic) and low back ( lumbar)

Men’s Health Screening:

Thermal Imaging of head (including dental, temporal arteries, jaw/TMJ screen), neck (including thyroid, carotid arteries, cervical lymph chain), posterior neck, upper back and anterior chest

Men’s Health Screening PLUS:

Includes all imaging in Men’s Health Screening, PLUS abdomen, mid-back and low-back

Region of Interest:

Thermographic imaging of 1 region (for example- feet or hands or legs)

Full Body:

Includes all imaging the Health Screening PLUS, as well as hands, legs, and feet

Follow-Up Appointment (optional)

15 minute appointment is for patients to discuss their results and images with a physician at Oregon Natural Medicine. Please note: If you have been referred for imaging by your doctor, the results will be mailed to her/him and you should follow-up with your doctor.

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