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April 2010
An Overview of Recent Application of Medical Infrared Thermography in Sports Medicine in Austria


This is fantastic paper discussing the application of Thermography for assessing sports injuries. It has great charts explaining the best uses for a variety of Medical Imaging Techniques such as MRI, Ultrasound, Mammogram and of course Thermography.


“Medical infrared thermography (MIT) provides a non-invasive and non-radiating analysis tool for analyzing physiological functions related to the control of skin-temperature. This rapidly developing technology is used to detect and locate thermal abnormalities characterized by an increase or decrease found at the skin surface. The technique involves the detection of infrared radiation that can be directly correlated with the temperature distribution of a defined body region [1].
An injury is often related with variations in blood flow and these in turn can affect the skin temperature. Inflammation leads to hyperthermia, whereas degeneration, reduced muscular activity and poor perfusion may cause a hypothermic pattern [2]. There are several applications of MIT in the field of human medicine, such as neurological disorders [3], open- heart surgery [4], vascular diseases [5], reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome [6], urology problems [7] and mass fever screening [8]. Much research has been focused on the successful evaluation of breast cancer [9]. According to Ng [10] breast thermography has achieved an average sensitivity and specificity of 90%>. He reported that an abnormal breast thermogram is a significant biological marker for breast cancer…” Read Full Article Here


article source: Sensors 2010, 10


Thermography: A New Perspective on an Old Test


This article explains the many diverse uses of Medical Thermography, from dentistry to neurology.


“Thermography has been utilized in medical practice since the beginning of medicine itself. In fact, the father of medicine, Hippocrates first used thermography by covering a person in mud, then observing where on the anatomy the mud dried first, thus establishing the site of the pathology.1 D.D. Palmer used skin surface temperature to aid in diagnosis. He referred to these “hot boxes” by using the dorsal aspect of his hand to locate areas of subluxation….”


“Thermographic imaging is used across the country in prestigious institutions, such as the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine; Georgetown University of Medicine; Cedars-Sinai Medical Center; Tulane University; and the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey to name a few. Overseas, it has also been used at the Louis Pasteur Institute in Paris; University of Copenhagen; Verona University Hospital (Italy); and the Yeshiva University Medical School in Tel Aviv. The weight of evidence clearly supports thermography as a valid scientific diagnostic modality…”Read Full Article


Thermography: Cancer’s Best Kept Secret

February 2011


Dr. Mercola discusses Breast Cancer screening and the problems with Mammography

“By measuring the radiation of infrared heat from your body, thermographic screening can detect signs of breast cancer as much as 10 years earlier than either mammography or a physical exam—all without any ionizing radiation or mechanical pressure.

And thermography has NO damaging side effects.

Thermographic breast screening is able to predict the likelihood of breast cancer, before any tumors have formed, because it provides a snapshot of the early stages of angiogenesis—the formation of a direct supply of blood to cancer cells, which is a necessary step before they can grow into sizeable tumors.

This is the classic use of “preventative medicine” because you can detect negative changes before you develop the disease—while you still have time to turn things around”….Read full article


Article Source:

Beyond Mammography

Townsend Letter 2004


Interesting article about the application of Breast Thermography in Younger Women


“Breast thermography measures differences in infrared heat emission from normal breast tissue, benign breast abnormalities–such as fibrocystic disease, cysts, infections and benign tumors–and from breast cancers. It does this with a high degree of sensitivity and accuracy. Breast thermography is a non-invasive measurement of the physiology of breast tissue. This technology is not meant to replace mammography or other diagnostic tests presently used in clinical practice that measure anatomical abnormalities in breast tissue. While breast cancer can only be diagnosed by tissue biopsy, breast thermography safely eliminates the need for most unnecessary biopsies as well as their associated high cost and emotional suffering, and it does so years sooner than any other test in modern medicine.”…read full article here.

Article Source:;col1>

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