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Frequently Asked Questions about LENS Neurofeedback:


LENS Neurofeedback FAQ

What is LENS neurofeedback therapy?

Neurofeedback trains the brain to work more efficiently by enhancing brain flexibility, stability, and self-regulation. The LENS, or Low Energy Neurofeedback System, is an advanced form of biofeedback that stimulates the brain to restore itself for optimal functioning.


How Does LENS work?

EEG software reads the brain’s electromagnetic impulses and mirrors back these impulses as specific feedback stimulation to the brain.  This mirroring causes your brainwaves to fluctuate allowing dysfunctional patterns to correct themselves.  Think of it as pushing the “reset” button on stuck brainwave patterns.


I am a provider or physician, how do I refer a patient for neurofeedback?

Thank you for your referral. Please download, complete and fax the form below back to Oregon Natural Medicine at 503-406-3000. Neurofeedback referral Form

How is LENS different from traditional neurofeedback?

The LENS neurofeedback technique is different from traditional neurofeedback therapy in that it provides feedback to the brain based on the client’s individual brainwave pattern.  This allows the brain to gradually self-adjust, self-regulate and restore lasting homeostasis to the central nervous system.  Unlike traditional neurofeedback, conscious effort is not required on the part of the client.


What conditions benefit from this type of treatment?

Neurofeedback therapy is not specifically used to treat any one condition, but rather is a general process that optimizes brain function.  As treatment progresses and balance is restored, it can manifest as mood improvement, increased attention and focus, mental clarity, improved quality of sleep, a decrease in cravings/addictive behavior, and an overall sense of wellbeing. Ultimately, LENS helps to balance the neurological system and increase one’s resilience to stress.


Conditions Commonly Addressed by LENS:

Anxiety & OCD
Attention Disorders
Learning Disabilities
Post Traumatic Stress
Sleep disorders
Traumatic Brain Injuries

What can I expect at a neurofeedback visit?

The initial neurofeedback visit includes a full intake, any necessary physical exams, and the first LENS session.  Follow up visits will concentrate on the LENS session.  While sitting in a chair, EEG electrodes are placed on the scalp to measure brain waves.  The patient is asked to sit quietly while the LENS software utilizes the EEG readings to control the feedback given.  This process creates a mapping of the brain that helps direct further treatment. The treatment is not painful or invasive.


How many sessions will I need?

The average number of sessions needed to balance the central nervous system is generally between 15-20; however, significant improvement is often seen within 3-6 sessions.  Deep-seated or chronic problems like autism and life-long mood disorders may take more sessions to show strong improvement, while conditions that came on suddenly may resolve much more quickly.  It really depends on the individual patient and their needs as treatment progresses.



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