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Homeopathy at Oregon Natural Medicine

Homeopathy is a very powerful and effective treatment for many health conditions. Homeopathy uses the principal that “small amounts of like treat like”. Homeopathic remedies are made from naturally sourced plants and matter, these substances are then diluted many times over so that the remaining remedy is a very, very small part of what was originally put in. This small remaining substance stimulates the body’s own immune system to react and heal. The remedy is often given in pellet form, which is put under the tongue to disolve. On some occasions the homeopathic remedy may be dosed in a liquid water:alcohol form, this form is also meant to have drops placed under the tongue to allow the remedy to quickly disolve and enter the body.

Our physicians are trained in Classical Homeopathy and have had great success using homeopathy in their clinical practice. Drs. Jarvela and Shannon have advanced training in Homeopathy through the prestigious New England School Of Homeopathy where they trained with Drs. Paul Hersu and Amy Rothenburg.

Homeopathy can be used alone as the sole therapy or may be used adjunctively with other natural health treatments. Many high-dose homeopathic remedies, both common and un-common, are available at Oregon Natural Medicine’s Natural Pharmacy. Low-dose remedies are easily found at many healthfood shops around Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington. Places such as Whole Foodsand New Seasons also carry a variety of common low dose homeopathic remedies.

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