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Naturopathic Manipulation at Oregon Natural Medicine

Naturopathic manipulation is a form of physical medicine. Using gentle force, the physician will manipulate spinal segments and joints to re-establish normal movement and function. Naturopathic Manipulation is often used with chronic or acute pain management.

In Oregon and Washington, Naturopaths are trained to treat pain conditions using not only vitamins, herbs, homeopathy and drug-therapy, but also by using manual or “hand-on” techniques.

Dr. Jarvela and Dr. Reynolds have trained in manual therapy and manipulation for the correction of joint dysfunction and pain management. Dr. Reynolds has extensive training in the physical medicine and modalities, not only through his Naturopathic training at National College of Natural Medicine, but also through training at New York Chiropractic College and Western States University (formerly Western States Chiropractic College).

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