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What is Neurofeedback Therapy?


What Is LENS Neurofeedback Therapy?

The Low Energy Neurofeedback System (LENS) gently restores your brain to optimal functioning.  The brain can get stuck in old neural pathways, which once defended against trauma or stress.  Neuroscientists have discovered that our brains have the ability to change over time.  LENS uses this neuroplasticity to “unstick” the brain, clearing habitual thoughts or behavioral patterns, and restoring balance to the central nervous system.


Commonly Reported Benefits of LENS
Mental clarity improves
Depression lifts
Anger dissipates
Energy increases
Peaceful sleep returns
Projects get completed
Racing thoughts quiet
Short-term memory improves
Enhanced concentration and attention



“When someone suffers trauma, be it emotional or physical, or becomes neurophysiologically imbalanced, neurofeedback may be of enormous benefit to help them reclaim their potential. Although, it won’t make someone smarter, faster, or better than they are physically or genetically capable, neurofeedback can bring back their best.”



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