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Women’s Health at Oregon Natural Medicine in Portland

Women’s Annual Exams and Pap Test

AT Oregon Natural Medicine, we provide Women’s Annual Wellness Exams. The appointment is typically 75-90 minutes for new patients and 45-60 minutes for established patients. The visit will begin with a thorough medical history, with plenty of time to answer your health questions. After your review of your history, we will begin the physical exams, your vital signs (pulse, temperature, blood pressure), heart & lung exam, abdominal exam, breast exam, and a gentle pelvic exam. A Pap test will done, when indicated, and additional lab tests may be ordered at this time such as Routine Bloodwork. At the end of the visit, treatments such as herbs and bio-identical hormone therapy may be discussed if necessary. This appointment is a time for you to dicuss any female-related medical concerns you have been dealing with. Dr. Jarvela will call you in 7-10 days following your appointment to discuss your Pap results.

Our approach at Oregon Natural Medicine is “the patient is in charge of her own health”. Dr. Jarvela and Dr. Shannon view themselves as not only doctors, but also as educators as well. They educate each patient on all of their choices and together with the patient they decide what is best for each person.

Bioidentical Hormones, HRT and Menopausal Therapy

At Oregon Natural Medicine we strive to provide the most effective natural therapies to our patients. We know that often simple lifestyle changes and vitamins yield incredible results. We also understand that often stronger therapies are beneficial. Bioidentical hormone therapy can provide amazing results in women who are experiencing many, menopausal or peri-menopausal symptoms (hot flashes, vaginal dryness, low libido, painful intercourse, cloudy thinking, headaches, and more). We only use compounded bioidentical hormones. Each person’s body has its own unique balance of hormones and therefore it is important that each person have their own individual combination of bioidentical hormones


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